Getting InvaliProgra Exception in Windows Phone 7

Mar 29, 2012 at 8:41 AM

In Windows Phone 7 application I've registered the SyaHelloClass and when I tried to execute SayHello method I'm getting InvalidProgramException. 

following is the code snipest of my appliation:

string scriptData = @”function ShowMessage(){ var a = new SayHelloClass();
 a.SayHello(); // This is giving invalidprogramexception.
C# code is:
public class SayHelloClass()
 public SayHelloClass()
 public SayHello()
I’ve registered global settings as follow:
 JintEngine engine = new JintEngine();
 JsConstructor ctor = engine.Global.Marshaller.MarshalType(typeof(HelperClass));
 ((JsObject)engine.Global)["HelperClass"] = ctor;
and calling the ShowMessage API as follow:
I’ve tried to debug and it is giving exception from NativeMethod.cs class:
 visitor.Return( m_impl(visitor.Global, that, parameters) );
What Am I missing here? Does it due to reflection limitations? How can I overcome to this problem?