Possible to return after each step?

Jun 27, 2013 at 8:39 PM
How plausible would it be to modify the engine to return after each step and only continue after calling resume or something? I would want it to maintain its state and execution position etc, I am just running in a single threaded environment where the step callback doesn't allow me to give the rest of the application a chance to run its stuff.

To give you more information I am trying to use Jint in a game written using Unity3d. They do support multithreading but it isn't pretty so I am hoping to avoid it :). At any rate, they do support co-routines so I can easily pause and resume a single method but I cant pause a coroutine from the Step callback.

Thanks in advance, also I love Jint, I use it whenever I can for whatever random reason I can come up with. I really appreciate your efforts here.